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Absence of Human rights in Iraq and no value for military victory

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said that military victory achieved by the previous Iraqi government is inadequate and worthless in the face and magnitude of the humanitarian disasters in the country because the control of ISIS on large areas of the country and the destruction of war at all levels.


The military victory that has been achieved can not cover the violations committed against civilians over the past years or cover the broad governmental neglect to all tragedy that has taken place in the liberated areas of ISIS.


As the world celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Iraq is living a state of deliberate neglect of these inherent rights in every human being, from neglect in legislation to lawlessness to the absence of justice and equality to violations of all human rights. .


The Iraqi governments deals with the human rights issue without interest or indifference at a time it is a priority in other countries of the world, despite the tragic figures counted for the violations committed over the past years, as well as the high proportion of poverty line as well as illiteracy, Frightening numbers speak about the disappearance of more than 10,000 civilians in conflict zones over the past five years.


Although we are in a country that raises the banner of democracy and human rights, all the actions taken by these governments violated rights. The mechanisms that are supposed to be used for fighting terrorism have been used for political purposes and tens of thousands of innocent people have been deposed or have not been charged in prisons and detention centers, as well as thousands of forcibly disappeared persons.


Iraqi prisons are still overcrowded with tens of thousands of innocent people and are not brought to trials so far, and cases of enforced disappearances continues to be met with apathy. There are no precise government figures for those who have been in prison or detention for years, no investigations into enforced disappearances, secret prisons where thousands of civilians have been hidden, and no fair trials of those accused of various charges.


The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said that now we have more than one and a half million displaced persons who are still in the areas and camps they have been displaced. Even those who have returned to their areas of residence have not found the safe environment that will help them start their lives again.


Those who have returned to their areas found there was an armed proliferation of groups affiliated with parties and clans, have found an increase in the poverty line in their areas, and have not found employment opportunities to meet minimum living standards. Not a few of them are usually living on the ruins of their demolished house or destroyed by the inaccurate bombardment of the International Coalition or Iraqi government forces.


The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights expressed that the file for peaceful demonstration and opinion expression gets violated every day. Recent demonstrations in the country confirmed that there is no room for peaceful demonstration in the country as a result of deliberate repression.


The Observatory also said that "a group of activists in the demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces in southern Iraq disappeared without knowing their fate, and the Iraqi government did not help their families to identify their fate, beside this, some Iraqi security forces committed serious human rights violations when they killed more than 20 demonstrators in the popular movement, which began in 2015 until today.


The Iraqi government hasn’t investigated the killing of civilian activists, although evidences are available. And Those who fired live ammunition at them are well known. Those belonged to Iraqi government forces can be easily identified, but they were no serious about the process of justice and justice for victims and their families.


On the occasion of this day, which coincides with the official day of declaring the victory on  ISIS, we at the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights affirm that victory is not limited to the military file, furthermore there's no victory when people are still suffering because of this war, hundreds of thousands of displaced people are still in a bad situation, Those who have returned to their cities have not found a viable environment, and no one living in this country has had the opportunity to live in dignity.


The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said that we urge the Iraqi government to pay attention to the humanitarian aspect of its future program and to attach the utmost priority projects that are directly related to the human life, especially those who have lived for years in displacement. We also urge them to work on the fate of the disappeared. Or those who spent long years in prison after their sentence was over.